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Our Services

We specialize in creating new opportunities

across E-Sports and sports data value chain.



Gamified experiences that make watching more exciting

Audiences today have shorter attention spans and do not enjoy unsolicited marketing campaigns. We create tools that spur user engagement and attention by aligning the user's desire to compete and existing media contents.​

Interactivity  is key to real-time gamification for sports & E-sports

At Team Snowball, we believe the magic sauce for sports gamification is interactivity.

For live gamification, the single most important variable is reminding users the tension of competition around themselves. Our gamification tool leverages seamless overlay interface and low-latency data transfer to help users feel like they are competing in the same space at the same time.

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Data Science

Advanced data means advanced user experience

For E-sports and sports fans, data plays an essential role in attracting, 

educating and activating an audience. Our data scientists specialize in creating data that adds value by grabbing attention and inducing emotions. We are expert at finding the optimum where data is processed and presented in the simplest format possible and its complexity does not scare away ordinary users.

Data experience built to ensure your business objectives  y

Whether it is user data, in-game data or processed data, the core data experience must align with the intended business targets of the provider. At Team Snowball, we share the belief in the transformative power of data in decision making, user engagement, gamification and visualization. Our approach is also flexible and collaborative to ensure your business objectives are met and customers get the most engaging experience.

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Media & Fan

Premium feel and custom-branded

Online consumers today have been conditioned to expect only the best from digital experiences. Our products are designed and developed to exceed your audience's expectations via seamless brand experience. From media contents to E-sports data and gamification, we strive to provide the best experience not only via great tech but also via user-friendly design and custom-created campaigns.

Engagement starts from knowing what your audience want

Built by avid E-sports fans ourselves, our products always encompass the end-user perspectives at its foreground. Not only does it help achieve business goals, it creates an experience that users actually enjoy. Sometimes, fan engagement isn't just for sports-related projects. Team Snowball has worked with a number of clients to tailor our approach toward various areas of media and entertainment.

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