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We are
Team Snowball 

Team Snowball was founded in 2020 with the vision of establishing an
E-sports version of sabermetrics data.
Through boundless innovations in E-sports, we aim to create an inclusive business ecosystem for where competitive gaming meets data and fan engagement.
At the forefront of E-sports tech, we are always striving to unlock new and engaging innovations.
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Core Value

Team Snowball believes in Fun, Accurate, and Novel (FAN) as the principal values to all of our endeavors.
By making data more accessible, precise and fan-oriented, we offer new perspectives to approach E-sports and fan engagement.


As lifelong enthusiasts in gaming and sports, we create engaging contents for our partners, thereby contributing to a more thrilling and fan-oriented discussion within the industry.


The key priority for a data-oriented business must be expertise and stability. Through state-of-art technology and domain-specific knowledge, we create data that are both trustable and compelling.


E-sports has grown exponentially yet not without unexpected inflection points. As a company that spearheads the ever-changing E-sports and gaming environment, we are determined to be flexible and boundless in our imagination.

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